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Farewell! What’s Next?

2020, well, what can anyone really say?!  I started the year full of hope. We began our committee year with a meeting that was motivating and inspiring; BIG goals, and fun new ideas. However, March came, and with it, well, you know the rest of the story. While our plans had to be delayed and changed, I am still motivated and inspired by the future of our industry and our association. The ability to be pliable, to pivot, and cultivate new and different plans are all lessons I think we have learned this year. September 30 marks the end of my term as Young Agents Committee Chair, but I am confident that the coming years will be met with new perspectives that will serve the network well. 

As I begin to close out my term as Committee Chair, I think of the famous saying, “To be the best, you should learn from the best.” I have been privileged over the last four years to be able to do this work alongside some of the brightest in our industry. These members are dedicated to their clients, their businesses, their industry, and association. They have worked hard (and played hard), and I am grateful for each one of the committee members, staff members, and member agents I have been able to get to know during this time. I have gained skills, knowledge, and friendships that I know will stay with me as I move forward.

With that being said, we are kicking off the new IIA of IL year with an event that is similar to something we have done in the past, but with a 2020 spin!  We are inviting you all to join us for a 
Virtual Happy Hour, hosted by the IIA of Illinois Young Agents Committee. This free, informal event will be held Thursday, October 8, from 4:00 to -5:00 pm. Check out for details and to sign up. 

If you’ve ever considered joining the Young Agents Committee, now is the time. This is your chance to get involved and help shape future events and offerings. 
Click here to let us know of your interest.

Take care!

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Virtual CONVO 2020

Virtual Happy Hour