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2020 EDGE Conference
2020 EDGE Conference
2020 EDGE Conference

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Producers

Here are some specific strategies producers should put into play so your firm can start achieving more sales goals.


Three Ways to Enhance Client Value in 2020

Here are a few tips to help agents, brokers and carriers hold themselves accountable to clients in the new year.



20 Tips for Leaders: Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

There are no shortcuts to becoming an emotionally intelligent leader. It’s hard work. Click here to read more.


Why Boards Need Young Professionals and How to Join

Why Boards Need Young Professionals and How to Join

There comes a time in your life when you finally have a decent handle on work-life balance and are navigating your job with relative ease.

That’s all well and good, but once you’ve soaked in the stability for a while, you might be looking for your next challenge.

And that next step, for professional gain and personal fulfillment, might be joining the board of directors of an organization or corporation. Click here to read more.

Interested in getting involved in the IIA of IL? 
Click here to find out how.

Surprise! Jellybeans Contain Sugar and Other Wacky Lawsuits

From a man upset over his date’s behavior during a movie to a woman who claimed she was shocked that jellybeans contain sugar, online site 24/7 Tempo created a list of some of the craziest lawsuits from the last decade, according to a report from USA Today. Click here to read more.