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Young Agents Network Newsletter
Here we are, looking into the last quarter of 2018, summer fun is winding down and we are all focusing in to end 2018 with a bang!  I am always challenged every quarter to put together “just a welcome” or “highlight the upcoming events,” for this newsletter and for me this is always hard content to create.

This time, as I focused on the upcoming events and really thought about my WHY, I encountered a Simon Sinek video, 
Simon Sinek Shares the #1 Factor in Connecting with Anyone. In this quick 30 minutes he talked about connections. To quickly summarize what I took away from this, he said, if you put out there what you truly believe and who you truly are, you will attract those that are like you and you will thus build strong connections.
This made me pause and think. Are we putting ourselves out there for what we really believe in and what we really are? Or are we trying to be everything to everyone? This is true with our agencies, with our business relationships and with our personal relationships. After this perspective hit, I thought about our upcoming IIA of IL events. CONVO 2018 is all about connections. Every year this event brings hundreds of folks from our industry together. Whether we are there to get education, find a new company to represent, or be schooled in the latest technology there is to offer in our industry, we all gather in that place, because we believe in the independent agency system and we want to be the best we can be for our clients and communities.

If you have not already made plans to join us in Springfield October 2-4, I encourage you to do so. Still on the fence? Call me at (618) 393-2195! I’d love to talk with you about the event! I look forward to seeing you all there.

With Kind Regards,
Allyson Padilla

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