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Insight magazine welcomes bylined articles from writers and industry professionals who wish to share their expertise on all topics related to insurance, sales, customer service, business operations, culture, and more. 

The editorial calendar is intended as a general guideline. It is not exhaustive and is subject to change according to developing news and trends. Article ideas that are not already outlined on the editorial calendar are also welcome. In addition, coverage of a particular topic is often not limited to the month in question, so if you miss a submission deadline, contact the editor, Rachel Romines, and she will determine if your topic might also be appropriate for another issue.

Writers may also submit a short pitch letter or e-mail that briefly describes the bylined article’s focus, why our readers need to know about it, and what they’ll learn by reading it. Include a basic outline of the article listing critical topic points. Send to Insight editor, Rachel Romines at

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Insight, the monthly journal of Independent Insurance Agents in Illinois. Insight features articles that are relevant to the Illinois insurance industry, and includes such topics as industry news, technology, markets and coverages, financial planning, sales and marketing, state and federal issues, agency management, and education.

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Editorial Schedule

*Subject to Change. Contact Rachel Romines at for details.

March 2020
Feature: Taxes
Subtopics: Federal Legislative Conference, EDGE Conference
August 2020
Feature: CONVO 2020
Subtopics: TBD
April 2020
Feature: Rideshare Insurance
Subtopics: TBD
September 2020
Feature: Education
Subtopics: TBD
May 2020
Feature: Customer Experience
Subtopics: TBD
October 2020
Feature: Incoming IIA of IL President & New Board of Directors
Subtopics: TBD
June 2020
Feature: Technology
Subtopics: TBD
November 2020
Feature: Talent Recruitment & Development
Subtopics: TBD
July 2020
Feature: Company Profiles
Subtopics: TBD
December 2020
Feature: TBD
Subtopics: TBD