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Instructions for Demonstration

When you enter the following page, you will be able to enter the required data and print policies in this 'test' environment. Both the policy Declaration Page and the Terms & Conditions (optionally) are printed for the customer. Policies issued in this 'test' environment are not valid. After you have entered and printed your 'test' policy(s), you may now look at a report detailing 'test' policies issued by following the directions below.

Click here to start your demonstration.

  • You will then be able to view your report.
  • Click here to view your report. (Login using: Username: test3 Password: meout 
  • On the REPORT SELECTION CRITERIA screen select:
    • "Date Policy Issued" - Enter the date you issued the 'test' policy using the drop-down menus for the Month, Day, Year that you issued the policy. Then simply click on "Start Search" - Your policy will then be displayed. Note that the policy can be "Edited" for corrections after the original policy has been issued by the use of the "Edit" button located to the right of each policy detail. The policy can be reprinted at any time after it is issued and also after you have performed the "Edit" function. This is accomplished through the use of the "Detail" button to the right of the policy detail. Below the detail listings are totals for: policies issued, premium, policy fees, taxes, and amount due to underwriter OR to the agent. NO copies of policies are required to be sent to the underwriter!

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