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For IIA of IL Members

Looking for industry training for your new employee? The IIA of IL has partnered with New Level Partners to bring online training to new hires in the insurance industry. Online learning is ideal for new hires and job changers and is an excellent way to fit coverage education into the workday. Our new hire training is on-demand, interactive, cost-effective and measurable!

On average, each course within a curriculum is 30-40 minutes in length. Purchase grants 4-Month Access per individual to the selected curriculum.

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Introduction to the Insurance Industry ($80)
The Introduction to Insurance curriculum is perfect for employees or interns new to the industry.
* This section is included in your purchase of the Commercial Lines Coverage Basics or Personal Lines Coverage Basics. 

Commercial Lines Coverage Basics ($275)
The Commercial Lines Coverage Basics™ curriculum addresses key insurance topics, core coverages and risk management. This curriculum is an ideal learning experience for new staff (sales, service, underwriting or administrative) and includes 'knowledge checkpoints' to support concept acquisition and retention. The Commercial Coverage Challenge is also included in this series. 

Personal Lines Coverage Basics ($175)
The Personal Lines Coverage Basics™ curriculum addresses key insurance topics and core coverages. The curriculum includes 'knowledge checkpoints' to ensure the acquisition and retention of key concepts. 

Commercial Lines and Personal Lines Coverage Basics ($350)
The combined Commercial Lines and Personal Lines Coverage Basics™ curriculum offers both coverage curriculums and the Commercial Coverage Challenge™ at a significant pricing discount. It includes all Introduction to Insurance, Commercial Insurance and Personal Insurance professionally-designed courses. Commercial and Personal Coverage Challenges are also included! 

Advanced Communication and Negotiation Skills ($80)
The client management team is often challenged with delivering difficult messages or negotiating the terms of an account. Client facing employees need the sharpest communication and negotiating abilities. This bundle includes modules on elevating negotiation skills, building credibility with clients, delivering powerful messaging on professional relationships and developing and strengthening an elevator pitch. 

Business Communication Fundamentals ($80)
Effective business communication is imperative for all employees. This bundle is a great foundational series including essential elements of business writing, verbal communication and time management. 

Client Management Essentials ($80)
Today’s demanding cliens require the account management team to anticipate client needs, adapt communication style, balance priorities and manage conflict. This course bundle includes modules to introduce communication styles and how to create a positive impression. It also includes courses on Agency Errors and Omissions best practices. 

Emerging Leader's Series ($245)
The Emerging Leader’s Series is the ideal training series for new team leaders, supervisors or managers. It contains online modules on how to attract and recruit new talent, HR Essentials™ such as Human Resources Risk Management for your Firm, Employee Retention, Performance Management and Effective Coaching Techniques for Leaders. 

Limited Time Offer: Emerging Leader's Sample ($80)
For a limited time, you may purchase a sample Emerging Leaders Series which includes two modules: Employee Retention and HR Risk Management. After completing the modules, if you’d like to purchase the full Emerging Leaders series we will be happy to deduct the original sample purchase cost from the full series cost. 

Leading Successful Projects and Meetings ($80)
A series for individuals who are seeking to develop skills to successfully lead projects. Ideal for agency team members such as team leaders/supervisors, senior account managers, agency management team members, etc. The series contains three online courses:

  • Successful Project Management provides the essential and proven seven steps for success in tackling any project from inception to implementation.
  • Gaining Stakeholder Buy-in outlines the steps for introducing new concepts and recommendations to stakeholders to achieve their support and/or approval for a successful implementation.
  • Leading Productive Meetings provides guided elements for meeting preparation, facilitation and leading meetings to achieve the expected outcomes

Risk Solutions IQ - New Producers and AEs
Coverage and Risk Assessment ‘Virtual Classroom’ Program

  • Accelerate Your Credibility with Clients and Prospects
  • Identify and Solve Risk and Coverage Gaps
  • Understand and Leverage Your Value Proposition
  • Achieve Four Program Objectives
  • Gain Expanded Knowledge and Skills
  • Expert Facilitation and Mentoring During the Program
  • Blend of Self-Paced and ‘Live’ Assessments
  • All Virtual Learning – No Travel Time or Expense!
“Very productive to combine coverage learning with case study application!”

“Terrific program design with self-paced assignments and interactive expert-led web sessions – no need to travel to a classroom!”


You must login above to make your purchase. Once logged in, the "Buy Now" option will appear under each series. The option will only appear for members of IIA of IL.

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No curriculum or knowledge checkpoint is designed for use as a pre-employment test. In addition, the curriculums and materials have not been submitted for Continuing Education credits in any jurisdiction.