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Personal Lines (PL) Institute
This institute addresses the unique insurance coverage needs of individuals, families, and family members. You will learn to handle the complexities of state-specific personal lines forms.

Topics covered:
• Personal Residential Coverages*
• Personal Automobile Coverages*
• Personal Umbrella/Excess Coverages*
• Watercraft Coverages
• Rental Car Coverages
• Flood
• Home-based Business
• Condominiums
• Farm and Ranch Coverages
• Mobile Home Coverages
• No Fault (PIP)
• Catastrophe/Earthquake/Flood
• Wind Pools

Participants will:
• Complete an in-depth study of the ISO Homeowner Policy with emphasis on the HO3 Form.
• Better understand the application of coverages of a personal auto policy.
• Obtain an overview of personal umbrella/excess liability coverages including underlying limits and self-insured retention.

* Mandatory topics are part of every institute. Optional subjects will vary.

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Commercial Casualty (CC) Institute
Explore casualty exposures and become familiar with important coverages.

Topics covered:
• Commercial General Liability*
• Additional Insured Concepts and Endorsements*
• Workers Compensation and Employers Liability*
• Business Automobile Coverages*
• Excess Liability/Commercial Umbrella Coverages*
• Cyber Liability
• Liquor Liability
• Employment Practices Liability Insurance
• Commercial Casualty Case Study

Participants will:
• Complete an in-depth study of the CGL policy form and endorsements, and apply them to specific situations.
• Gain an overview of Excess Liability/Commercial Umbrella and the issues of concurrency and self-insured retention.
• Better understand Workers Compensation, the exposures faced when employees perform work in other states, and endorsements available for this coverage.
• Become familiar with the Business Auto Policy forms and major endorsements, and apply them to specific situations.
• Learn the reasons for adding Additional Insureds to a policy and be able to describe the purpose, coverage, and limitations of the various endorsements.

* Mandatory topics are part of every Institute.

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Commercial Property (CP) Institute
In order to maximize coverage and protect your increasingly complex commercial property accounts, it is important to have an understanding of Commercial Property essentials such as coverages and endorsements. However, equally important is a familiarity with additional coverages such as Time Element (Business Income), Inland Marine forms, and more.

At this institute you will learn to help provide your customers with the advice and protection they need.

Topics covered:
• Commercial Property Coverages and Endorsements*
• Commercial Property Causes of Loss Forms and Endorsements*
• Time Element Coverages*
• Commercial Inland Marine Coverages*
• Businessowners Policies
• Equipment Breakdown
• EDP Coverages
• Flood Coverages
• Commercial Crime
• Commercial Property Case Study

Participants will:
• Learn the different valuation methods, the application of coinsurance, and the various methods used to insure fluctuating property values.
• Examine the major elements of the Building and Personal Property Coverage Form and how to use Commercial Property Endorsements.
• Compare coverages, exclusions, and limitations of the various Causes of Loss Forms primarily focusing on the Special (CP 10 30) and how it is combined with the Building and Personal Property Coverage Form to provide coverage under a Commercial Property Policy.
• Identify the significant Business Income and Extra Expense exposures many businesses face and describe several methods of providing the appropriate insurance protection.
• Examine coverage issues related to several major Commercial Inland Marine lines of business, including Contractors Equipment, Builders Risk, Installation Floaters, and Transportation Insurance policies.

* Mandatory topics are part of every Institute.

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 Life & Health (LH) Institute
There are countless opportunities for property and casualty professionals to develop life and health business. This institute will provide the essential background and knowledge for your personal understanding of these important products. It should also instill confidence in you to provide some counseling and guidance to your clients and succeed in this market.

Topics covered:
• Life Insurance Concepts
• Health Insurance Concepts
• Disability Income and Long-Term Care Insurance
• Life and Disability Income Insurance products in a Business Situation
• Planning for Personal Insurance Needs
• Annuities in Retirement Planning

Participants will:
• Learn the basic characteristics, provisions, and riders found in most life, health, and retirement planning type contracts.
• Understand the application of these financial products to specific personal and business needs.
• Learn practical information on how to determine proper coverage for a client and the best product design to fit a specific situation.

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Agency Management (AM) Institute
Building Value

The Agency Management institute emphasizes value added, relevant and practical topics for all agency owners and managers, producers, CSRs, and company personnel. This institute blends marketing and financial issues, and more agency management “tools” to enhance the daily work and experiences in insurance agencies. Whether you are a manager or have a manager, you’ll benefit from the practical information this program delivers.

Take advantage of the Agency Management experience to become more productive, increase sales, and reduce E&O.

• The Agency as an Organization
• Managing and Sustaining Financial Strength
• Human Resources
• Agency Productivity and Effectiveness
• Legal & Ethical Responsibilities

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Commercial Multi Line (CP) Institute
Explore commercial multiline exposures and become familiar with important coverages.

Topics covered:
•    Businessowners Policies
•    Commercial Inland Marine Concepts & Coverages
•    Crime Coverages & Endorsements
•    Cyber Exposures and Coverages
•    Employment Practices Liability Insurance
•    Excess Liability/Commercial Umbrella Coverages

Participants will:
• Identify the Property and Liability Coverage provided in the Businessowners Policy and what it does and does not cover. Examine additional coverages, extensions, and endorsements to the BOP.
• Learn the benefits of writing Bailee coverage. Identify exposures covered by a Builders Risk Policy and the “Soft Costs” endorsement. List the methods for writing Contractors Equipment coverage. Understand the exposures of Transportation and how to address them.
• Explore the reasons to consider purchasing Crime Coverage and provisions found in the Crime Coverage Forms. Become comfortable with the Seven (7) built-in Insuring Agreements including Employee Theft.
• Identify the first and third party exposures related to e-commerce and the Internet. Understand the major provisions commonly found in Cyber insurance policies.
• Explore the areas of employment practices liability for businesses and organizations, with special emphasis on related legal concepts. Learn how coverage can be provided and the major policy provisions found in employment practices liability policies.
• Examine the purpose of excess liability policies. Learn about the different policy characteristics, “self-insured retention”, underlying requirements, and concurrency issues. Since there is no “standard” excess liability form, learn how to compare insuring agreements, exclusions and policy provisions.

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