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Trusted Choice


In order to deliver the brand experience to your customers consistent with Trusted Choice, Trusted Choice will reimburse a portion of expenses incurred in 2018 by Trusted Choice agencies in co-branding advertising and marketing materials; and in creating or updating a digital presence to include the Trusted Choice logo, link to the Trusted Choice website and Pledge of Performance. This is not meant to replace your agency’s brand, but to complement it by including the Trusted Choice branding in your marketing efforts.

There are 2 levels of reimbursement provided by the MRP in 2018.

Tier 1: Available to new members and first time MRP users only.  The MRP will reimburse up to $750 for use of the Trusted Choice logo on any consumer-focused items.  All agency locations will be reimbursed at 50% of the invoice amount, up to $750 maximum reimbursement.

Tier 2: Available to all agency locations who were not reimbursed for a digital upgrade in 2016 or 2017. All agency locations will be able to be reimbursed up to $500 for a digital upgrade using a web developer/vendor. This will include updates to an agency's website, social media or mobile app. These must be updated in conjunction with the website and social media checkups that are offered by Trusted Choice. The checkup is required, and suggestions made in the checkup must be implemented prior to reimbursement.

MRP Guidelines

Contact Jo Buckley, Trusted Choice Member Advocate, at or (703) 706-5412.