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Trusted Choice

Trusted Choice® agencies benefit from the following:

Licensed use of the consumer tested Logo & Pledge of Performance
  - Resonates with consumers and reinforces the value of doing business with independent agents

Exposure through a national advertising and public relations campaign
  - National cable TV ads run 2 weeks out of every month
  - Extensive online/Facebook presence:

Customizable advertising materials
  - Little or no production costs for your agency
  - Agency contact information can be included on all ad materials
  - Four TV ads, 14 radio ads, 10 print ads and five billboard ads available

Inclusion on the online Agency Locator, so that consumers can find your agency when visiting

Informative consumer articles
  - Use in newsletters, on websites, social media or as part of a mailing
  - Share how-to articles (Prepare Your Home for Winter), consumer interest articles (Pool Safety, Flood Insurance) and consumer guides (Graduate’s Guide to Insurance)

Customizable press release templates
  - Helps garner local press coverage for your agency
  - Positions your agency as local authority on insurance

Syndicated Content Feed (RSS) for website
  - Automatically refreshes consumer content
  - Articles contain topical insurance content that is seasonally appropriate and completely vetted for accuracy and readability

Support from our many Trusted Choice® Company Partners

Marketing Reimbursement Program (MRP)
  - Get up to $500 back for co-branding your website and promotional items with Trusted Choice®

Where to Find it – A Resource Guide to Trusted Choice® Benefits