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InVEST is a free, classroom-to-career program designed to increase awareness of insurance industry careers among high school and college students. The opportunity for young people to launch into a lucrative insurance career is soaring with 60 percent of current insurance professionals over the age of 45 and looking to retire over the next 15 years. InVEST attracts talent to the industry while providing students real-life insurance and financial management experience.

InVEST understands the millennial generation, the largest generation yet at 100 million people, will soon dominate the workforce. InVEST needs teachers and industry volunteers to help attract the attention of the most technology savvy generations yet. Currently, the next generation of decision makers perceives the insurance industry as “old in general” (62 percent) and “not innovative” (53 percent). However, the insurance industry offers opportunity for growth, lucrative career opportunities and flexibility for a health work-life balance. Become involved with InVEST and help students springboard into rewarding careers.

InVEST Makes it Easy

At InVEST, we value the time commitment of all of our advocates and want to make it easy for teachers and industry professionals to participate. To help facilitate our efforts, we have created a variety of resources to help you start, grow and market your programs.

Some of the materials include:

  • DVD’s and streaming videos that demonstrate the value of InVEST
  • Handbooks to help you launch a program
  • Knowledgeable national staff and support to help you speak effectively about insurance
  • Tools to create job shadow days and internship programs
  • A Web site designed to help volunteers and teachers stay in-the-know
  • Subscriptions to a variety of industry newsletters, agency management systems and rating software
  • Access to a plethora of student and volunteer marketing materials designed to help you fill seats.

Get involved today.

Contact InVEST at 800-221-7917 or visit for more details.

"History of Insurance" Music Video

William R. Boone High School's InVEST students have created an innovative way to teach their peers about insurance. Feel free to dance and sing along while you watch this upbeat music video presented on the "History of Insurance." InVEST is an insurance literacy program that prepares thousands of students across the country for careers within the insurance industry through a hands-on curriculum taught in high schools and colleges by educators and insurance professionals.


Click here to view the video.

Current Invest Schools

Click here to view the list.

Want your school to be an InVEST School? Contact Shannon Churchill at or (217) 321-3004 for details.

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